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The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance




This paper investigates the influence of a firm's accounting reporting complexity (ARC) on financial statement audit quality. We predict and find that there is a non‐linear relationship between a firm's ARC and audit quality. Specifically, a more complex accounting environment—measured by ARC—leads to higher quality audits, but this effect diminishes when ARC continues to increase. Further analyses reveal that the effect is more salient among client firms that do not purchase non‐audit services (NAS). We also examine whether ARC affects audit quality in the circumstance of mandatory audit partner rotation. Empirical results show a moderating effect of ARC on the negative influence of audit partner rotation on audit quality. Our study extends the literature by illustrating how a firm's ARC influences audit quality in a special manner.


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Article states: "The data that support the findings of this study are from publicly available sources including/Compustate, Audit Analytics, AuditorSearch on the PCAOB website, and XBRL research."

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Chen, C., Liu, Z., Tang, W., & Tuo, L. (2023). Accounting reporting complexity, audit engagement partner mandatory rotation, and audit quality. Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance. Advance online publication.