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Health Services Insights






Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has taken a centre stage in the development of its healthcare sector through privatization adopting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). The objective of this study is to provide an overview of healthcare transformation in Saudi Arabia since the launch of the ambitious Vision 2030, identifying issues those need to be addressed and steps taken towards provision of health systems transformation. Literature review was based on extensive review of published and unpublished articles, where different search engines and databases searched using the key words: ‘Saudi Healthcare’, ‘Healthcare transformation’, ‘Saudi vision: 2030’, ‘Public-Private Partnerships’ and ‘Privatization’, in addition to secondary data as published in government reports, policy, government strategy documents and pertinent press releases. The future of the healthcare like many other developing economies continues to weigh policies for universal coverage while containing costs and the national transformation programme driven by social and economic factors has implemented strategic steps to develop its private healthcare system that includes: establishing health clusters, National Centre for Privatization & PPP – an official enabler for privatization of all government sectors and recently approved Private Sector Participation (PSP) Law involves several legislative enablers designed to enhance investor confidence in the privatization process. Although this study demonstrates systemic legislative progress to facilitate transformation process of healthcare sector, also endorses caution and research in identifying barriers to the implementation of PPPs, Saudi workforce development, implementing effective revenue cycle management function for healthcare reimbursement and ensuring vulnerable population access to good quality and tertiary healthcare. As healthcare of Saudi Arabia embarks on the transformation journey facing daunting challenges, but it appears that the government has laid out a roadmap with the legislative framework; however it is important that there is ongoing monitoring with adjustments as this complex and multifaceted process proceeds.

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Alasiri, A. A., & Mohammed, V. (2022). Healthcare transformation in Saudi Arabia: An overview since the launch of Vision 2030. Health Services Insights, 15, 1-7.


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