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Within my research I highlight the different adversities interracial couples tend to go through on a day to day basis, or over time within their relationship. From those adversities I analyze how those couples mentioned were able to be resilient despite external challenges that their relationship faced. By breaking down the normal social construct which determines the ways in which people tend to view certain outlooks, this concept is defined by themes and the way in which things have always been. By determining the way in which people think, it is grasped why people are still against mixed race couples. Through the study that was conducted, 25 interracial couples were interviewed to get their take on any external challenges that they may have faced while being together. While many couples face daily challenges within their own relationships, some interracial couples face many different factors that may either strengthen or hinder their relationships. Through the conducted study and those questions, along with first-hand accounts from these couples it was determined the type of trials they went through and continue to go through on a daily basis. It is also highlighted the importance of resiliency and through positive communication indicators, and resiliency practices those contributions within mixed-race couples significantly improved the relationship. The study concludes with conversational pieces and other studies of scholarly work in similar topic fields. Furthermore, as this topic of interest continues to be at the spear head of engagement; going forward I would want to analyze how the normal social construct is a leading and predominate factor in negative feelings or representation of mixed-race couples.





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Adversities in Interracial Relationships



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