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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the Back Bay Ecological Symposium



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Back Bay Ecological Symposium


Back Bay, Virginia and Currituck Sound, North Carolina have long been noted and highly acclaimed as prime waterfowl wintering and migration areas. Although no formal waterfowl surveys were conducted prior to 1937, some gauge of waterfowl abundance can be obtained from harvest record examination. Harvest estimates based on "extraordinarily well kept and recorded data" of ten major waterfowl hunting clubs in Back Bay and Currituck Sound between 1872 and 1962 (Sincock, 1966) suggest that five million (5,000,000) ducks and 560,000 Canada geese were taken by hunting during that 90-year period. Waterfowl population trends in Back Bay for the 37-year period 1954-90 are the subject of this paper.