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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the Back Bay Ecological Symposium



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Back Bay Ecological Symposium


(First Paragraph): Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is an important part of a healthy Back Bay ecosystem. SAV helps to stabilize sediments that enter the system and to deter shoreline erosion. The submerged macrophytes serve as filters, improving the quality of the water column by removing many pollutants and dissolved nutrients (Clark, et al., 1973; and Stevenson, et al., 1979). These aquatic plants provide important habitats for a variety of wildlife species, which use the grass beds for shelter, feeding and breeding areas. SAV is a major primary producer in the food chain associated within the aquatic and adjoining upland habitats. The added physical characteristics of the plants within the aquatic environment allow for a greater diversity of wildlife species, when compared to habitats not supporting SAV (Stevenson & Confer, 1978).