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Plasma–liquid interaction is a critical area of plasma science, mainly because much remains unknown about the physicochemical processes occurring at the plasma–liquid interface. Besides a lot of experimental studies toward the interaction, a few fluid models have also been reported in recent years. However, the interfacial boundary conditions in the models are different and the Henry's law constants therein are uncertain; hence, the accuracy and robustness of the simulation results are doubtable. In view of this, three 1D fluid models are developed for the interaction between a plasma jet and deionized water, each of which has a unique interfacial boundary condition as reported in the literature. It is found that the density distribution of reactive species is nearly independent of the interfacial boundary conditions in both the gas and liquid phases, except for that in the interfacial gas layer with a thickness of several tens of micrometers above water. The densities of the reactive species with high Henry's law constants (H > 104) are much different in such gas layers among the interfacial boundary conditions. Moreover, some Henry's law constants are changed in the models according to their uncertainty reported in the literature, and only the reactive species with low Henry's law constants (H < 1) have their aqueous densities following the change. These densities are very low in the plasma-activated water. It could be concluded that the simulation of plasma–liquid interaction is generally independent of the interfacial boundary conditions and the uncertainty in Henry's law constants.


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Liu, Y., Liu, D., Zhang, J., Sun, B., Luo, S., Zhang, H., . . . Kong, M. G. (2021). Fluid model of plasma–liquid interaction: The effect of interfacial boundary conditions and Henry's law constants. AIP Advances, 11(5), Article 055019, 1-23.


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