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Dielectric barrier discharges (DBD) are widely utilised non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas with a diverse range of applications, such as material processing, surface treatment, light sources, pollution control, and medicine. Over the course of several decades, extensive research has been dedicated to the generation of homogeneous DBD (H-DBD), focussing on understanding the transition from H-DBD to filamentary DBD and exploring strategies to create and sustain H-DBD. This paper first discusses the influence of various parameters on DBD, including gas flow, dielectric material, surface conductivity, and mesh electrode. Secondly, a chronological literature review is presented, highlighting the development of H-DBD and the associated understanding of its underlying mechanisms. This encompasses the generation of H-DBD in helium, nitrogen, and air. Lastly, the paper provides a brief overview of multiple-current-pulse (MCP) behaviours in H-DBD. The objective of this article is to provide a chronological understanding of homogeneous dielectric barrier discharge (DBD). This understanding will aid in the design of new experiments aimed at better comprehending the mechanisms behind H-DBD generation and ultimately assist in achieving large-volume H-DBD in an air environment.


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Lu, X., Fang, Z., Dai, D., Shao, T., Liu, F., Zhang, C., Liu, D., Nie, L., & Jiang, C. (2023). On the chronological understanding of the homogeneous dielectric barrier discharge. High Voltage. Advance online publication.