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Advanced Functional Materials


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Conventional magnetophoresis techniques for manipulating biocarriers and cells predominantly rely on large-scale electromagnetic systems, which is a major obstacle to the development of portable and miniaturized cell-on-chip platforms. Herein, a novel magnetic engineering approach by tailoring a nanoscale notch on a disk micromagnet using two-step optical and thermal lithography is developed. Versatile manipulations are demonstrated, such as separation and trapping, of carriers and cells by mediating changes in the magnetic domain structure and discontinuous movement of magnetic energy wells around the circumferential edge of the micromagnet caused by a locally fabricated nano-notch in a low magnetic field system. The motion of the magnetic energy well is regulated by the configuration of the nanoscale notch and the strength and frequency of the magnetic field, accompanying the jump motion of the carriers. The proposed concepts demonstrate that multiple carriers and cells can be manipulated and sorted using optimized nanoscale multi-notch gates for a portable magnetophoretic system. This highlights the potential for developing cost-effective point-of-care testing and lab-on-chip systems for various single-cell-level diagnoses and analyses.


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Yoon, J., Kang, Y., Kim, H., Ali, A., Kim, K., Torati, S. R., Im, M.-Y., Jeon, C., Lim, B., & Kim, C. (2024). Tailored micromagnet sorting gate for simultaneous multiple cell screening in portable magnetophoretic cell-on-chip platforms. Advanced Functional Materials, 1-10, Article 2312875.


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