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Summer 1998

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Master of Science (MS)


Biological Sciences



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Lloyd Wolfinbarger

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Christopher Osgood

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Robert Ratzlaff

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Special Collections LD4331.B46 L76


LifeNet currently cleans allograft bone utilizing AllowashTM Technology, which encompasses the use of a closed continuous circulation chamber to remove bone marrow by flushing it with AllowashTM Solution for a prescribed time and temperature after which, it is rinsed with various solutions to remove residual detergent that could be toxic to the recipient. A portion of this process employs AllowashTM Solution to improve the solubilization and removal of protein and cellular elements in the red bone marrow. This study examines the effectiveness of AllowashTM Solution in comparison to its component detergents Nonidet P40, Nonoxynol 9 and Brij 35, and two other commercially available detergents, Tween 20 nd Triton X 100. The efficacy of each detergent and AllowashTM was evaluated with respect to concentration of detergent(s), time and temperature. Multiple assays performed at differing detergent concentrations, three distinct temperatures and variable sampling times were employed to assess the ability of each detergent solution to solubilize the cellular elements of porcine bone marrow. It was demonstrated that AllowashTM Solution solubilizes as well as two of its components, Brij 35 and Nonidet P40, but is significantly superior to Nonoxynol 9, Tween 20 and Triton X 100. It is important to emphasize that this study does not assess all aspects of the AllowashTM Technology in that ambient pressure is used throughout negating the advantages of negative pressure to rupture cells swollen in hypotonic solutions. In short, this study serves only to assess the efficacy of detergents in the solubilization of the cellular element and protein components of red bone marrow present in whole bone. It does not serve to assess the efficacy of the AllowashTM Technology.


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