Date of Award

Spring 1980

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biological Sciences



Committee Director

J. W. Edward Wortham, Jr.

Committee Member

R. James Swanson

Committee Member

Carl Erkenbrecher

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Special Collections LD4331.B46 C45


Fifty-six semen samples from males under examination for suspected subfertility were examined to determine if alterations in specific semen parameters could be associated with the presence or absence or Ureaplasma urealvticum. Twenty-seven (48.2%) of the specimens cultured positive for U· urealyticum in U9B urease broth and A-7 differential agar. Both positive and negative specimens have a normal average motility rating. Overall sperm counts (millions per ml) were slightly lower and ejaculate volumes higher in U. urealvticum positive samples. Morphological abnormalicies were not found more frequently in U. urealyticum positive samples. No statistically significant difference between seminal parameters of U. urealyticum positive and U. urealyticum negative samples was noted with one way analysis of variance test. Non parametric analysis produced similar non-significant results.


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