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Frontiers in Marine Science




9 (1-3)


(First Paragraph) Marine turtles have been the subject of research over many decades, inspired by their unique life history and necessitated by their declining populations from a suite of human impacts including direct harvest, bycatch in marine fisheries, pollution, and climate change. Despite this, much about marine turtle biology has remained a mystery (Godley et al., 2008; Rees et al., 2016; Wildermann et al., 2018), but the rate of scientific discovery is increasing rapidly. As research techniques and conservation practices expand, the marine turtle research community has kept abreast of these developments and their application to marine turtles. In this special Research Topic, researchers submitted articles related to cutting-edge work in biology and conservation. The resulting 10 articles bring new insights across marine turtle movement, conservation, and methodological and analytical techniques, as well as other understudied areas and issues.


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Maxwell, S. M., Broderick, A. C., Dutton, P. H., Fossette-Halot, S., Fuentes, M., & Reina, R. D. (2019). Editorial: Advances in the biology and conservation of marine turtles. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, 9. doi:10.3389/fmars.2019.00009


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