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The Red List of marine bony fishes of the Eastern Central Atlantic (ECA) is a review of the conservation status of all native marine bony fishes in ECA according to the global Categories and Criteria of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It identifies those species that are threatened with extinction at the global level and occur within the ECA region. This comprehensive assessment, which is the first of its kind in the ECA, aims to provide improved knowledge of species presence and extinction risk status for the purposes of guiding conservation actions and improved policies for these species both globally and regionally.


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Polidaro, B., Ralph, G.M., Strongin, K., Harvey, M., Carpenter, K.E., Adeofe, T.A., Arnold, R., Bannerman, P., Nguema, J.N., Bibang, B., Buchanan, J.R., Camara, A., Khairdine, M., Camara, Y.H., Cissoko, K., Collette, B.B., Comeros-Raynal, M.T., Bruyne, G.D., Diouf, M., Djiman, R., Ducrocq, M. ... Williams, A. (2016). Red list of marine bony fishes of the eastern central Atlantic.


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