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The greater Caribbean biogeographic region covered in this report (representing 38 countries and territories) encompasses an outstanding marine bony shorefish richness of approximately 1,360 species, with many (53%) being endemic. This report provides an overview of the conservation status of greater Caribbean shorefishes, with detailed information available through the IUCN Red List, and gives recommendations.


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Carpenter, K. E., Linardich, C., Ralph, G., Cox, N., Robertson, D. R., Harwell, H., Acero P., A., Anderson Jr., W., Barthelat, F., Bouchereau, J.-L., Brown, J. J., Buchanan, J., Buddo, D., Collette, B., Comeros-Raynal, M., Craig, M., Curtis, M., Defex, T., Dooley, J., . . . Williams, S. (2017). The conservation status of marine bony shorefishes of the Greater Caribbean. International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.


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