Date of Award

Summer 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Info Systems/Dec Sciences


Business Administration-Information Technology

Committee Director

Ling Li

Committee Member

Li Xu

Committee Member

Kayoung Park


Alleviating Emergency Department (ED) congestion results in shorter hospital stay which not only reduces the cost of medical procedure but also increase the hospital performance. Length of patient stay is used to determine the hospital performance. Organization Information Processing (OIPT) Theory is used to explain the impact of information access and availability on the information processing need and ability of a hospital. Technical devices such as RFID that works as “Auto Identification tags” is suggested to increase the information availability as well as the information processing capability of the hospitals. This study suggests that the OIPT needs to be further broken down into its entity form and then the impact of these entities is measured separately. On the other hand, institutional factors such as employee behavior towards the new technology is studied to analyze the impact of human factors in the implementation of these technical devices in the ED procedures. It can be implied from this study that early information access does increase the use of supporting EMR implementation. However, the importance of the use of EMR decreases with time on hospital performance. Moreover, other factors such as management policies related to IT positively moderates the relationship between information availability and the processing capability of a hospital ED.


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