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The Technical Report Series of the Georgia Marine Science Center




The intrusion of deep, nutrient-rich Gulf Stream water into the shelf waters off the southeastern United States is probably the major source of nutrients in the shelf waters and consequently intrusions have a major impact on the biota. This particular cruise was one of the first to be designed to find the front that represents the interface between intruding Gulf Stream waters and normal shelf water. Once the front was delineated an anchor station was occupied to observe the time change at a particular location as the front moved back and forth past the station.

The methods used and resultant data from that cruise are presented to aid others in the analyses of intrusions and related phenomena.

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Atkinson, L. P., Paffenhofer, G.-A., & Dunstan, W. M. (1975). 77-4 Hydrographic and biological observations at an anchor station off St. Augustine, Florida 9-14 April 1975 (Eastward Cruise E-1G-75) (pp. 1-74). Skidaway Institute of Oceanography: Georgia Marine Science Center.

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