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During a cruise in the Georgia Bight in April 1979, an onshore-offshore hydrographic section of thirteen stations was repeated thirteen times. Four additional onshore-offshore hydrographic sections were completed north and south of the main section. Temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrient (N03, PO4, and Si02) data were collected.

Two spin off eddies were observed at the Gulf Stream front at the shelfbreak. These eddies resulted in the upwelling of nutrient-enriched North Atlantic Central Water. A period of downwelling was observed between the two upwelling events. The cycling between upwelling and downwelling was relatively rapid. The immediate effects of the upwelling and downwelling events were confined to the narrow area of the shelfbreak.


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Lasley, S. R., Atkinson, L. P., Singer, J. J., & Chandler, W. S. (1980). Hydrographic observations in the Georgia Bight (April 1979).


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