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Marine and Coastal Fisheries






e10232 (1-20)


Rising water temperatures along the northeastern U.S. continental shelf have resulted in an offshore range shift of the Atlantic surfclam Spisula solidissima to waters still occupied by ocean quahogs Arctica islandica. Fishers presently are prohibited from landing both Atlantic surfclams and ocean quahogs in the same catch, thus limiting fishing to locations where the target species can be sorted on deck. Wind energy development on and around the fishing grounds will further restrict the fishery. A spatially explicit model of the Atlantic surfclam fishery (Spatially Explicit Fishery Economics Simulator) has the ability to simulate the consequences of fishery displacement due to wind energy development in combination with fishery and stock dynamics related to the species' overlap with ocean quahogs. Five sets of simulations were run to determine the effect of varying degrees of species overlap due to Atlantic surfclam range shifts in conjunction with fishing constraints due to wind farm development. Simulations tracked changes in relative stock status, fishery performance, and the economic consequences for the fishery. Compared to a business-as-usual scenario, all scenarios with less-restrictive fishing penalties due to species overlap exhibited higher raw catch numbers but also greater reductions in revenue and increases in cost after the implementation of wind farms. This analysis serves to demonstrate the response of the Atlantic surfclam fishery to combined pressures from competing ocean uses and climate change and emphasizes the potential for economic disruption of fisheries as climate change interacts with the evolution of ocean management on the continental shelf.


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Stromp, S., Scheld, A. M., Klinck, J. M., Munroe, D. M., Powell, E. N., Mann, R., Borsetti, S., & Hofmann, E. E. (2023). Interactive effects of climate change-induced range shifts and wind energy development on future economic conditions of the Atlantic surfclam fishery. Marine and Coastal Fisheries, 15(2), 1-20, Article e10232.


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