Submissions from 2021


Feasibility of Development of Flood Resiliency Clearinghouse Program, Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency, Mujde Erten-Unal, Carol Considine, Mark W. Luckenbach, and Elizabeth Armistead Andrews

Submissions from 2020


Future Sea Level and Recurrent Flooding Risk for Coastal Virginia, George Mcleod, Tom Allen, Emily Steinhilber, Sheila Hutt, Manuel Solano, and Kellie Burdick

Submissions from 2017


Tourism Business Resilience for Coastal Virginia Assessment Report, Lindsay E. Usher, Michelle Covi, Juita-Elena Wie Yusuf, Kaitlin Giles, Elizabeth Armistead Andrews, Angela King, Sashenka Brauer, and Rebecca Ribley