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International Journal of Special Education








Attachment is of key importance in childhood development. The quality of attachment relationship between the child and parent/primary caregiver may have an effect on the child and future relationships and social success (Rubin, Bukowski, & Parker, 1998). When a child fails to bond with a caring adult, attachment becomes disordered and children may not be able to bond appropriately or at all with other people. This inability to relate and connect with others may disrupt or arrest not only children's social development, but also their overall development. The purpose of this review is to synthesize information and research on characteristics, diagnosis, and interventions currently in practice in working with young children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). A discussion will highlight the themes found during this review and conclude with implications for intervention and practice.

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Floyd, K.K., Hester, P., Griffin, H.C., Golden, J., & Canter, L.L.S. (2008). Reactive attachment disorder: Challenges for early identification and intervention within the schools. International Journal of Special Education, 23(2), 47-55.