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Journal of Special Education Leadership








Federal mandates require special education teachers to use instructional practices grounded in scientific research. Accordingly, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder (NPDC) identified 27 evidence-based practices specific to teaching students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD; Wong et al., 2014). Though these practices have undergone a rigorous identification process, less is known about the level of training and confidence in implementation of these instructional practices by education professionals who work with students with ASD. Our study assessed education professionals' (including administrators, teachers, and related services personnel) ratings of their level of training, confidence in implementation, and frequency of implementation of the NPDC's 27 EBPs for students with ASD. We found that, overall, educators reported low levels of training, low confidence, and low frequency of implementation of EBPs. Perhaps most alarming was the high percentage of educational professionals who reported they did not feel confident in their ability to implement identified EBPs. These findings highlight the need to provide quality training opportunities to educators to ensure school systems are meeting the unique needs of students with ASD. Administrators, in particular, need to consider their own levels of training and confidence of implementing EBPs as they oftenmake decisions or provide input regarding professional development opportunities as well as influence decisions about students, such as placement and services provided.


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Layden, S. J., Maydosz, A. S., Crowson, T. G., Horn, A. L., & Working, A. F. (2022). Administrators' roles in the use and training of evidence-based practices for students with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Special Education Leadership, 35(1), 33-49