A Practice-Based Interprofessional Emergent Writing Intervention: Impacts on Graduate Students and Preschoolers

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Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders






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Despite the importance of collaboration in schools, few studies have examined interprofessional education (IPE) interventions for graduate speech-language pathology (SLP) students designed to prepare them with the skills necessary to effectively work on school-based teams. The current pilot study implemented a five-week practice-based IPE intervention with six SLP graduate students and three occupational therapy (OT) graduate students. Three SLP students were randomly assigned to the ‘unpaired’ condition and delivered emergent writing activities independently to a small group of preschoolers (n = 10). The other three SLPs were each randomly assigned an OT student to collaborate with in a ‘paired’ condition and conducted the same activities together with their assigned small groups of preschoolers (n = 11). Graduate students’ emergent writing knowledge and interprofessional competencies were supported throughout the study by facilitated discussions and structured debrief sessions with their clinical educators using the DEAL model of critical reflection. Results indicated that SLP students from both conditions demonstrated positive gains in emergent writing knowledge, but the paired SLP students had a greater gain in self-reported interprofessional competencies. Preschoolers in both conditions demonstrated improvement on emergent writing tasks. Implications of practice-based IPE interventions for both graduate students and children are discussed.


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Pfeiffer, D., Pavelko, S., Allen-Bronaugh, D., Dudding, C. C., & Timler, G. (2022). A practice-based interprofessional emergent writing intervention: Impacts on graduate students and preschoolers. Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders, 6(1), 3. https://doi.org/10.30707/TLCSD6.1.1649037808.702214