Date of Award

Fall 12-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Director

Zia Razzaq

Committee Member

Shahin N. Ameri

Committee Member

Julie Hao

Committee Member

Mojtaba B. Sirjani


Presented herein is a study of the effectiveness of suspended lead dampers for use in steel buildings under a localized impact load and a vertical pulsating load. A series of lead spheres mounted on a string are suspended inside the building columns or damping panels to absorb the energy of vibration through a collision between the lead dampers and internal surfaces of the members. Experiments are conducted on a three-story steel building model and a cantilever member with suspended lead dampers and subjected to localized impact loading. The cantilever under impact load is analyzed with a partial differential equation of dynamic equilibrium using a central finite-difference scheme. The numerical scheme is also used to unveil the dynamic stability characteristics of a typical building column under lateral impact and vertical pulsating load. The building model and a full-scale building frame with damping characteristics of the suspended lead dampers are then analyzed using SAP-2000 program with localized impact and a vertical pulsating load. The study shows a substantial reduction in building vibration when suspended lead dampers are used. The elastic-plastic transient dynamic analysis of the full-scale steel building reveals that the impacted column does not develop a plastic hinge at its top when bolted panels with suspended lead dampers are used. In the absence of such damping panels, the impacted column develops three plastic hinges thereby turning into a collapse mechanism.


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