Date of Award

Fall 2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering

Committee Director

Zia Razzaq

Committee Member

Yunbyeong Chae

Committee Member

Reza Moradi

Call Number for Print

Special Collections LD4331.E542 H87 2014


This thesis presents a detailed theoretical study of a number of retrofitting schemes for prestressed concrete beams using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheets to increase flexural strength and ductility. A simply-supported beam subjected to a gradually increasing uniformly distributed load is adopted for the study with a variety of CFRP retrofiring schemes. Three different types of beam cross sections are included for quantifying the influence of CFRP retrofitting when used in high compression regions in addition to CFRP use in high tension areas. To achieve this goal, nonlinear moment curvature relations are developed and coupled with a finite-difference solution algorithm to predict load-deflection relations for both retrofitted and non-retrofitted schemes. The study reveals a number of effective CFRP retrofitting schemes that result in a significant increase in both strength and ductility of the prestressed concrete beam further enhanced in the presence of compressive CFRP sheets. It is also demonstrated that a very significant increase in the beam section's strength can be achieved with an increase in CFRP thickness; however, this occurs at the expense of a decrease in ductility.


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