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Spring 5-1996

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Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Environmental Engineering

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Gary C. Schafran

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Mujde Erten-Unal

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A. Osman Akan

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Special Collections LD4331.E553 L63


Research was conducted on characterizing the DOC characteristics and to discern whether spatial and temporal variations exist in these characteristics as impacted by seasonal, hydrologic or other factors. Data was cumulative of two studies: the State-Wide Survey in which water samples were taken in March and July 1995 from surface waters in four physiographic regions of Virginia and the James River Peninsula Survey concentrating on reservoirs and rivers on the James River Peninsula.

Results illustrate that the two largest fractions of DOC were the hydrophilic and hydrophobic acid fractions. An increase in DOC was observed between the mountains and the coastal plain due to increasing DOC concentrations in these two fractions. Data collected during the James River Peninsula Survey manifest a consistent increase in DOC from spring to summer which is mainly reflected in the hydrophobic and hydrophilic acid fractions. There was a relationship observed between DOC concentrations and its distribution among the different molecular weight size ranges. Waters having higher DOC concentrations were observed to have greater amounts of DOC in the higher molecular weight fractions.


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