Dynamic Analysis of Linear Structural System Using Ritz Vector Method and Substructuring Formulation

Date of Award

Spring 5-1989

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Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering

Committee Director

Duc T. Nguyen

Committee Member

Leon R. L. Yang

Committee Member

John Kroll

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Special Collections LD4331.E54M63


In this study, the substructuring formulation is incorporated into Ritz Vector method to obtain and solve the reduced system of dynamic equilibrium equations. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional truss problems are considered in the present study. The accuracy and computational time using the proposed technique are compared with known solutions. The effect of using different number of substructures and Ritz vectors are also investigated, equations solver is utilized to Moreover, a version of a parallel further enhance the numerical performance of the proposed technique on the FLEX/32 Multicomputer.


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