An Experimental Study on Anisotropic Behavior of Granular Materials

Date of Award

Summer 1991

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Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering

Committee Director

Isao Ishibashi

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Robert Y. K. Cheng

Committee Member

Leon R. L. Wang

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Special Collections LD4331.E54C56


Two types of mixtures of glass bead assemblies (large beads and small beads) were used to investigate the source of the anisotropy of granular materials in volume change behaviors during shearing process. Most tests (7 series) were conducted in the conventional triaxial device while a series of the experiments were in the hollow cylinder test device. All the specimens were first isotropically consolidated up to 137.9 kPa and were subjected to shearing in triaxial compression and triaxial extension modes with a constant effective mean normal stress (137.9 kPa). The test results indicated that all the specimens had a strong but localized fabric in the vertical direction due to the confinement of the specimen preparation mold. The portion of the localized fabric was found to be greater as the grain size relative to the diameter of the specimen increased. The effects of two different lateral boundary conditions on volumetric behaviors were investigated: stress boundary by a usual flexible rubber membrane and strain boundary by plastic or aluminum lateral liners. Different boundary conditions associated with the development of the force chains in the specimens were confirmed to be important factors.


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