Effect of Fabric on Stress-Strain Relation, Volume Change, and Dynamic Shear Modulus of Ottawa Sand

Date of Award

Summer 1988

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Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Committee Director

Isao Ishibashi

Committee Member

Leon R. L. Wang

Committee Member

Duc Nguyen

Committee Member

Yoa-Chung Chen

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Special Collections LD4331.E54C435


To evaluate the effect of fabric on stress-strain behavior, volume change, and the dynamic shear modulus of Ottawa sand, four series of tests on hollow cylindrical specimens were performed by a torsional simple shear/resonant apparatus. All specimens were first isotropically consolidated, and then sheared along the different stress paths while keeping the mean effective stress constant. The test results showed that depositional fabric had a slight influence on the stress-strain behavior, and one half-cycle of preshearing created a clear anisotropy on the stress-strain response. The intermediate principal stress had a dominant effect on volume change characteristics but it might not affect the dynamic shear modulus on the principal stress axis rotation. In comparisons with similar experiments on ideal glass spheres, Ottawa sand showed a slightly stronger depositional fabric effect but more difficulty to induced fabric upon preshearing.


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