Transient Two Dimensional Ground-Water Flow: A Comparison of Computed and Analytical Results

Date of Award

Spring 1983

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering

Committee Director

M. Hanif Chaudhry

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Special Collections LD4331.E54F45


The exact analytical solution of the transient-flow equation is compared with the finite difference solution. The finite difference program, written by the author, uses an iterative alternating direction implicit procedure to solve the linearized partial differential equation. A second order accurate central difference method is employed to solve the equation in two dimensions.

Variable cell spacing to divide the physical domain, a weighting factor and a time acceleration function were used to investigate rate of convergence and accuracy of the numerical solution. The exact integral solution to the one-dimensional form of the flow equation i n radial coordinates is used to compare along one of the coordinate axis adjacent to the well node.

Significant reductions in numerical oscillations and iterations can be achieved by application of the time acceleration function and selection of the weighting factor.


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