Date of Award

Fall 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil/Environmental Engineering

Committee Director

Zia Razzaq

Committee Member

Reza Moradi

Committee Member

Mojtaba Sirjani


This thesis presents the outcome of a theoretical and experimental study of Fiber Reinforce Polymer (FRP) beam-columns with uniaxial bending and including retrofitting. The research involved the design and fabrication of a testing apparatus which was then used for a series of beam-column tests. Three different types of beam-column cross sections were used, namely, channel section, I-section, and square tube section. Six non-retrofitted beam-columns were tested in addition to two retrofitted ones. The members were subjected to an eccentric vertical load applied through a lever arm generating gradually increasing axial load and uniaxial bending moment up to the maximum load. To predict the load-deflection relations up to the peak axial load and bending moment, a system of three coupled differential equations of flexural and torsional equilibrium were solved using finite-difference method. The effect of initial geometric imperfections were embedded in the governing differential equations. The predicted behavior and strength was in good agreement for the load-deflection relations and in excellent agreement for the maximum loads. The ASCE-LRFD Pre-Standard beam-column design expression was found to be unconservative for the non-retrofitted beam-columns except for that with the I-section with minor axis loading. It was also found that retrofitting the channel section beam-column with steel plates in the vicinity of maximum bending moment results in a dramatic increase in strength.