Review of Boat Wake Wave Impacts on Shoreline Erosion and Potential Solutions for the Chesapeake Bay

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[Introduction] The goal of this technical review was to evaluate 1) the potential impacts of boat generated waves on shoreline stability and attendant ecosystem properties, and 2) policy options to minimize any adverse effects. We reviewed available literature, examined relevant data and information from Chesapeake Bay, discussed modeling approaches and highlighted data gaps to further quantify effects on shorelines and ecosystems, and detailed available management and policy actions to minimize potential boat wake impacts. The major findings are:

1) The literature review indicates an unequivocal connection between boat wake energy and shoreline erosion, sediment resuspension and nearshore turbidity. 2) There is not currently enough data to determine the extent (spatially and in magnitude) to which boat wakes are contributing to erosion or turbidity of the Chesapeake Bay 3) Recommended next steps are to identify highly vulnerable waterways and implement management or policy actions to minimize adverse effects.


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Bilkovic, D., M. Mitchell, J. Davis, E. Andrews, A. King, P. Mason, J. Herman, N. Tahvildari, J. Davis. 2017. Review of boat wake wave impacts on shoreline erosion and potential solutions for the Chesapeake Bay. STAC Publication Number 17-002, Edgewater, MD. 68 pp.