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Journal of Advanced Transportation




5545117 (1-12)


Traffic crashes are one of the biggest issues which constitute a threat to lives of the motorists and disrupt operations of the transportation system. To reduce the number of crashes and alleviate their impacts, it is necessary to scrutinize the factors contributing to the risk of traffic crashes. Lately, visual analytics tools become very popular for data exploration and obtaining insights from the data. In this paper, a new web-based data visualization tool called Safety Analysis Visualization and Evaluation Tool (SAVE-T) was introduced. This tool enables users to interactively create queries and visually explore the results. By utilizing an online crash database, it offers various innovative functionalities for analysis and visualization of the crash data such as custom query development module and a subway-like map for easily visualizing the accident on the roadway segments. This tool provides an effective and efficient way to transportation agencies and professionals for traffic safety analyses and visualizations.


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Zhu, Y., Demiroluk, S., Ozbay, K., Xie, K., Yang, H., & Sha, D. (2021). SAVE-T: Safety analysis visualization and evaluation tool. Journal of Advanced Transportation, 2021, 1-12, Article 5545117.