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The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) released the Trip Generation (TG) 10th edition in 2017, which significantly updated its database, and some of its trip generation rates were substantially lower than those of earlier editions. This study aims to investigate the applicability of the TG 10th edition in various Virginia contexts and to recommend how to incorporate the TG 10th edition into state guidelines. The research team surveyed 31 state transportation agencies to obtain a clear understanding of current practices in the adoption of trip rates and trip estimation approaches. We systematically compared trip rates of TG 9th and 10th editions using hypothesis tests and identified land uses with significant rate reduction. Trip generation data were collected from 37 sites in Virginia during weekday PM peaks for the mixed-use sites and single-use sites with significantly reduced 10th edition rates (multi-family low-rise and general office). To investigate the use of trip rates in different settings, general offices in both general urban/suburban and dense multi-use urban were considered. For mixed-use developments, we explored the combinations of four internal trip capture models and TG rates of 9th and 10th editions to identify the best trip estimation approach. Given that all trip data were collected after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Streetlight data were used to adjust trip counts to account for the impacts of COVID. This study recommends that VDOT’s Office of Land Use provide guidance to VDOT districts to accept traffic impact analysis reports using ITE’s 10th Edition Trip Generation and the 3rd Edition of the Trip Generation Handbook. It is further recommended that the Office of Land Use provide guidance to the districts to accept traffic impact analysis reports prepared using the methodology presented in the 3rd edition of the Trip Generation Handbook to estimate internal capture for mixed-use developments.


Published by Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) and Old Dominion University. Report No.: FHWA/VTRC 22-R6 .

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Xie, K., Cetin, M., Yang, H., & Dong, X. (2021). Incorporating the 10th edition Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) trip generation rates Into Virginia Department of Transportation guidelines (Publication No. FHWA/VTRC 22-R6). Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC).