LiDAR for Air Quality Measurement

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The overall goal of this research is to investigate a unique light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology for ambient air quality measurement of particulate matter. The ODU team has recently received a state-of-the-art elastic LiDAR from NASA Langley Research Center developed to measure aerosol vertical profiles. It was originally designed to be mounted on an aircraft. However, this sophisticated LiDAR can also be used on the ground to measure PM (particulate matter) in the air related to vehicle emissions. Several specific enhancement to the LiDAR hardware are performed to make it sensitive to PM classification. The LiDAR system provides aerosols profile measurements by identifying the aerosol scattering ratio as a function of the altitude. The aerosol scattering ratios are used to obtain multiple aerosol intensive ratio parameters known as backscatter color ratio, depolarization ratio, and LiDAR ratio. The aerosol ratio parameters are known to vary with aerosol type, size, and shape. In this study, we employed LiDAR measurements to detect the source of the soot around the campus of Old Dominion University. Different ratio parameters including LiDAR ratio and color ratio are retrieved from collected data around the campus and employed for detection of soot aerosol around the campus. To find the source of soot in the measurements, a tracking algorithm is employed to track the source of the soot by tracking the concentration of that pollution in the data. Results of the implemented methods of quantifying and tracking soot in real data are presented in this study. The results show that the source of soot pollution in the study area is Hampton Blvd, a major street nearby the campus, where the volume of diesel trucks is relatively high since this corridor serves a major seaport in the city of Norfolk.


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Iftekharuddin, K. M., Cetin, M., & Rakha, H. A. (2017). LiDAR for air quality measurement. Department of Transportation.