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European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research








The effect of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) retrofitting and concrete type on the flexural strength of prestressed concrete I-section girders used in bridges and beams in buildings is investigated. Non-linear moment-curvature relationships are predicted using an iterative algorithm for both non-retrofitted and CFRP-retrofitted prestressed concrete girder and beam cross-sections with various concrete types. Two different CFRP-retrofitting schemes are analyzed for comparing their effectiveness. It is found that although non-retrofitted beam section exhibits greater ductility, the use of CFRP retrofitting in both tension and compression regions simultaneously results in a significant increase in flexural strength. It is also found that the higher the ultimate concrete strength, the higher is the influence of CFRP-retrofitting on increasing flexural strength.


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Hussein, H. A., & Razzaq, Z. (2021). Strengthening prestressed concrete bridge girders and building beams with carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research, 6(1), 55-57.