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The evolution of the Internet and AI technology has made it possible for the government and the businesses to keep track of their personal lives. GAFA continues to collect information unintended by the individuals. It is a threat that our privacy is violated in this way. In order to solute such problems, it is important to consider a mechanism that enables us to be peaceful lives while protecting privacy in the Internet society.

This paper focuses on the consumption behavior on the Internet and addresses anonymity. We consider some network protocols that enable sustainable consensus by combining anonymity methods such as I2P and anonymity currency as anonymity protects our lives from the engineering , and its application and clarification. As a result, we could propose a new consensus protocol, Proof of Sacrifice.

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Horie, S. (2019). Keeping anonymity at the consumer behavior on the Internet: Proof of sacrifice. In D. Wittkower (Ed.), 2019 Computer Ethics - Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE) Proceedings, (8 pp.). doi: 10.25884/7rjz-cc96 Retrieved from https://digitalcommons.odu.edu/cepe_proceedings/vol2019/iss1/5