Department Chair: James Blando

The School of Community and Environmental Health seeks to improve the health status of individuals, groups and populations through teaching, research and service. We value discovery and the free exchange of ideas. We believe that health results from the complex interaction of individual, environmental, and socio-cultural factors. We are committed to research that is culturally competent, community based, and policy relevant. As leaders in community and environmental health, we are committed to preparing our students to further advance the field through the following programs: the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, the Masters of Science in Community Health, the Master of Public Health and the PhD in Health Services Research. We accomplish this through fostering diversity, and engaging in multidisciplinary approaches to the development, application, and dissemination of evidenced based practices. Publications listed here are either copyright of the ODU author, open access, or those for which publishers allow a version to be available in an institutional repository.


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