Date of Award

Summer 8-1989

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Master of Science (MS)


Community & Environmental Health


Community Health Education

Committee Director

Gregory H. Frazer

Committee Member

John L. Echternach

Committee Member

Robert C. Ascher

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Special Collections LD4331.C48B88


The purpose of this study was to examine the content of family life education curricula in Virginia's public schools and determine its appropriateness for the mentally handicapped students. It was the intent of this study to determine if existing curricula were designed to address the needs of mentally handicapped students according to a standard curricula designed by the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation and the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States. The 15 participants of this study were selected from a random sample of 69. The response rate was 20.2%.

A letter soliciting family life education curricula was submitted to 69 randomly selected public school districts in October, 1988 to which 33 schools responded, but only 15 had curricula available. The other school districts reported that they were in the process of revising their curricula to meet the newly established standards of learning adopted by the State Department of Education.

The study consisted of comparing each curriculum's content to the standard. Means were then calculated for each content and subtopic area. The results of the study suggest that none of the schools have designed their curricula with the needs of the mentally handicapped in mind.


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