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Fall 10-1987

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Master of Science (MS)


Community & Environmental Health

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Gregory H. Frazer

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John L. Echernach

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Colin E. Box

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Special Collections LD4331.C48R38


The purpose of this prevalence study was to assess the occurrence of tardive dyskinesia among a chronically mentally ill sample of a suburban mental health clinic. The participants in this study were selected from clients of a suburban mental health clinic who agreed to participate in this prevalence study. There were 45 participants--17 males and 28 females.

The Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) was selected as the instrument to measure the abnormal involuntary movements exhibited by the participants of the study on the day of testing. The testing occurred during a specific time period, June 8, 1987 to July 2, 1987. Inter-rater reliability for this prevalence study was assessed by comparing the ratings of 2 raters who were certified in this assessment technique. These 2 raters observed the same participants in the prevalence study simultaneously and independently recorded the abnormal involuntary movements according to a predetermined coding system.

Pooled variance t-tests were used to identify statistical differences with regard to sex, age, body site, and route of drug administration. Significant differences were identified for. age and sex. This study reinforces the need for, comprehensive, repeated testing among the chronically mentally ill for. the presence and severity of tardive dyskinesia.


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