Date of Award

Summer 1993

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Community & Environmental Health


Community Health Education

Committee Director

Gregory H. Frazer

Committee Member

Gail Grisetti

Committee Member

Deanne Shuman


Adequate studies have not been conducted to assess the attitudes of dental hygienists toward independent practice of dental hygiene. The purpose of this study was to investigate these attitudes. The method of investigation was a survey questionnaire designed by the principle investigator. The research results indicated weak support for the independent practice of dental hygiene. The support for general supervision of hygienists in Virginia and the desire to be allowed to practice in nontraditional settings was stronger. There was reported a very strong opposition to preceptorship in dental hygiene. The majority of Virginia dental hygienists agreed that they were educationally prepared to practice dental hygiene independent of a dentist's supervision. Surveys revealed that 58.8% of Virginia dental hygienists agreed that the practice of independent dental hygiene would increase access for the public to dental hygiene services. Only 29.9% believed that the cost of dental hygiene services would be lowered through the independent practice of dental hygiene


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