Date of Award

Summer 6-1991

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Master of Science (MS)


Community & Environmental Health


Community Health Education

Committee Director

Gregory H. Frazer

Committee Member

Colin E. Box

Committee Member

John L. Echternach

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Special Collections LD4331.C48P47


This study examines the application of commitment procedures in one urban community in Virginia. The study investigated: the concordance rates of clinical recommendation for treatment and the outcome of the commitment hearing. the time lapse between detention of an individual and the hearing outcome. the presenting symptomatology and outcome. and the pre-detention compliance to treatment and outcome. The study's findings showed a concordance rate of 64% between clinical recommendation and outcome. It provided no significant differences in symptomatology/outcome, compliance/outcome, and time lapse/outcome. The lack of any significant findings seems to suggest that application of commitment laws might benefit from institution of clearer guidelines. In addition, a more meaningful outpatient commitment law in Virginia might facilitate a "least restrictive alternative" for the chronically mentally ill population.


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