The Hand Center: Considerations Related to the Design, Planning, Staffing, and Marketing

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Colin Box

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A therapist intent on planning a hand therapy center has no resources that are specific to this specialty area of practice. There are contributions utilized to plan occupational and physical therapy departments that can be synthesized to a degree in the planning of a hand therapy center. The practice of hand therapy incorporates a high degree of physical interaction, with close proximity to the patient and handling by the therapist. This paper explores the unique requirements of a hand therapy department. In order to determine hand therapists' preferences for equipment and space utilization a survey was developed and distributed to therapists with a special interest in hand therapy. The results of the survey also provide an understanding of practicing therapists awareness of the components utilized to create a healing environment.

The historical aspects related to the practice of hand therapy are SlUlllJW'i7.ed. The current research into the planning of healing environments is explored and incorporated into a hand therapy center's design. Staffing requirements are projected for the start-up and ongoing needs of the hand center, uti1izing referral rates to assist in the projections. Marketing considerations are explored, and the costs of marketing efforts are incorporated into the paper. Utilizing the information in this paper a hand therapist will be able to utilize the planning and design considerations to create an environment conducive to treatment as well as determine the costs related to opening a band therapy center.


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