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Journal of Public Health Policy






We summarize and consolidate disparate sources of information about the practice of tattooing and its potential implications for military population health and policy. Each branch of the United States military has policies about tattoos for service members, but these have varied over time and do not cover health protection. The number of veterans receiving disability payments and the cost of those payments has been rising over time; the broad category of skin conditions accounts for 11% of disability claims. Any additional factor, such as tattoos that may increase the occurrence of adverse skin reactions, can substantially impact veteran benefit expenses and budgets. This may be a consideration for the military as it evaluates its policies related to tattoos among service members.


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Blando, J. D., & Guigni, B. A. (2023). Potential chemical risks from tattoos and their relevance to military health policy in the United States. Journal of Public Health Policy, 44, 242–254.


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