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Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health








BACKGROUND: Hispanics/Latinos, particularly those that identify as foreign-born, are overrepresented in the agricultural sector in the U.S. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, this subpopulation of farmworkers was recognized as an invaluable group of essential workers unable to implement COVID-19 protections.

METHODS: Previously validated COVID-19 stress scale measures were identified, adapted, and translated to collect COVID-19 stress data from Hispanic/Latino agricultural workers in two heavily agricultural counties in northeastern North Carolina. Participants were recruited using purposive convenience sampling. Data collection took place from June to November of 2021.

RESULTS: The majority of Hispanic/Latino agricultural workers surveyed reported experiencing worries about catching COVID-19 (92.00%) and being infected with the virus (95.95%). A small proportion of the surveyed population indicated experiencing COVID-19 traumatic stress. More than half of participants were concerned about the impacts COVID-19 would have on their ability to see (53.42%) and provide for their families (58.33%).

CONCLUSION: Farmworkers bore relatively heavy stress burdens associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because this group is a vulnerable population at risk for adverse health outcomes, reports numerous barriers to healthcare access, and faces health and safety challenges related to acculturative stress, understanding their experiences with COVID-19 is essential for the development of protective and preventative efforts to improve outcomes among Hispanic/Latino farmworkers.


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Berumen-Flucker, B., Galadima, H., Shangani, S., Kekeh, M., & Akpinar-Elci, M. (2023). Experiences with COVID-19 stress among Hispanic/Latino farmworkers. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, 29(3), 159-172.


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