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ED 264 631




Focusing on the use of popular magazines in interpersonal communication instruction, this paper argues that such magazines can provide a rich source for application and criticism of interpersonal communication processes in everyday life. The first section of the paper reviews research and criticism dealing with the content of magazine articles that offer advice on interpersonal relationships and related topics, noting that such research and criticism are rare in the field. The second section provides a framework for integrating popular literature into the interpersonal course by discussing three methods of integration: critique application, discussion application, and role-play application. The third section of the paper describes in detail a critique application given in a basic interpersonal communication course, characterizes the students who completed the assignment, presents results of a questionnaire administered to those students, and examines the implications of such an assignment as well as its utility.


Note: Paper originally presented at the Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association (71st, Denver, CO, November 7-10, 1985).

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Socha, T. J. (1985). Adding Glamour to Theory: Experiencing Theory in the Basic Course in Interpersonal Communication. Washington D. C.: U. S. Department of Education, Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). (ED 264 631)