Date of Award

Winter 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computer Science

Committee Director

Hussein M. Abdel-Wahab

Committee Member

Dimitrie Popescu

Committee Member

Ravi Mukkamala

Committee Member

Kurt J. Maly


Vehicular wireless communication has recently generated wide interest in the area of wireless network research. Automatic Incident Detection (AID), which is the recent focus of research direction in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), aims to increase road safety. These advances in technology enable traffic systems to use data collected from vehicles on the road to detect incidents. We develop an automatic incident detection method that has a significant active road safety application for alerting drivers about incidents and congestion. Our method for detecting traffic incidents in a highway scenario is based on the use of distance and time for changing lanes along with the vehicle speed change over time. Numerical results obtained from simulating our automatic incident detection technique suggest that our incident detection rate is higher than that of other techniques such as integrated technique. probabilistic technique and California Algorithm. We also propose a technique to maximize the number of vehicles aware of Road Side Units (RSUs) in order to enhance the accuracy of our AID technique. In our proposed Method. IEEE 802.11 standard is used at RSUs with multiple antennas to assign each lane a specific channel. To validate our proposed approach. we present both analytical and simulation scenarios. The empirical values which are obtained from both analytical and simulation results have been compared to show their consistency. Results indicate that the IEEE 802.11 standard with its beaconing mechanism can be successfully used for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications.