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NASA Technical Memorandum: 4567




An experimental electronic dissemination project, the Langley Technical Report Server (LTRS), has been undertaken to determine the feasibility of delivering Langley technical reports directly to the desktops of researchers worldwide. During the first six months, over 4700 accesses occurred and over 2400 technical reports were distributed. This usage indicates the high level of interest that researchers have in performing literature searches and retrieving technical reports at their desktops. The initial system was developed with existing resources and technology. The reports are stored as files on an inexpensive UNIX workstation and are accessible over the Internet. This project will serve as a foundation for ongoing projects at other NASA centers that will allow for greater access to NASA technical reports.

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Nelson, M. L., & Gottlich, G. L. (1994). Electronic document distribution: Design of the anonymous FTP Langley technical report server. NASA Technical Memorandum: 4567. Hampton, VA: NASA Langley Research Center.


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