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National Information Standards Organization Standards Series




This ResourceSync specification describes a synchronization framework for the web consisting of various capabilities that allow third-party systems to remain synchronized with a server’s evolving resources. The capabilities may be combined in a modular manner to meet local or community requirements. This specification also describes how a server should advertise the synchronization capabilities it supports and how third-party systems may discover this information. The specification repurposes the document formats defined by the Sitemap protocol and introduces extensions for them.


ISSN: 1041-5653 (National Information Standards Series)

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Ruthen, K., Emery, J., Doyle, M., Needleman, M., Baughman, S., Owens, E., Pesch, O., Dicus, M., Nassar, N., Kirchhoff, A., Brenizer, S., McCallum, S., Magnoni, D., Swanson, P., Grazevich, G., Newcomer, N., Grazevich, G., Hakala, J., Rapp, B., . . . Young, J. (2017). ANSI/NISO Z39.99-2017 ResourceSync framework specification. In National Information Standards Organization Standards Series (pp. 1-60). National Information Standards Organization.


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