Mementos in the Raw, Take Two

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Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group


[First paragraph] In a previous post, we discussed a way to use the existing Memento protocol combined with link headers to access unaltered (raw) archived web content. Interest in unaltered content has grown as more use cases arise for web archives. Ilya Kremer and David Rosenthal had previously suggested that a new dimension of content negotiation would be necessary to allow clients to access unaltered content. That idea was not originally pursued, because it would have required the standardization of new HTTP headers. At the time, none of us were aware of the standard Prefer header from RFC7240. Prefer can solve this problem in an intuitive way much like their original suggestion of content negotiation. To recap, most web archives augment mementos when presenting them to the user, often for usability or legal purposes. The figures below show examples of these augmentations.


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Van de Sompel, H., Nelson, M. L., Balakireva, L., Klein, M., Jones, S. M., & Shankar, H. (2016, August 15). Mementos in the raw, take two. Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group.


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