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NASA Technical Memorandum: 109162




On January 14, 1993, NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) made approximately 130 formal, 'unclassified, unlimited' technical reports available via the anonymous FTP Langley Technical Report Server (LTRS). LaRC was the first organization to provide a significant number of aerospace technical reports for open electronic dissemination. LTRS has been successful in its first 18 months of operation, with over 11,000 reports distributed and has helped lay the foundation for electronic document distribution for NASA. The availability of World Wide Web (WWW) technology has revolutionized the Internet-based information community. This paper describes the transition of LTRS from a centralized FTP site to a distributed data model using the WWW, and suggests how the general model for LTRS can be applied to other similar systems.

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Nelson, M.L., Gottlich, G.L., & Bianco, D.J. (1994). World Wide Web implementation of the Langley Technical Report Server. NASA Technical Memorandum: 109162. Hampton, VA: NASA Langley Research Center.


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