Scholarly Very Large Data: Challenges for Digital Libraries (White Paper)

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White Paper

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Large Scale Networking (LSN) Workshop on Huge Data: A Computing, Networking, and Distributed Systems Perspective



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Large Scale Networking (LSN) Workshop on Huge Data: A Computing, Networking and Distributed Systems Perspective, April 13-14, 2020, Chicago, Illinois


The volume of scholarly data has been growing exponentially over the last 50 years. The total size of the open access documents is estimated to be 35 million by 2022. The total amount of data to be handled, including crawled documents, production repository, metadata, extracted content, and their replications, can be as high as 350TB. Academic digital library search engines face signi!cant challenges in maintaining sustainable services. We discuss these challenges and propose feasible solutions to key modules in the digital library architecture including the document storage, data extraction, database and index. We use CiteSeerX as a case study.


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Wu, J., & Giles, C. L. (2020) Scholarly very large data: Challenges for digital libraries [White paper]. Association for Computing Machinery.


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